Birchbox Subscription Review – August 2015, Customer Favorites Box


As soon as I heard about the Birchbox customer favorites box, I wanted it. I was worried it would be sold out by the time my sample choice email came, but sure enough, I was able to get it! (Go, Birchbox!) I even thought about getting this box for both of my accounts, but decided not to. That would defeat the purpose of having the two accounts so I can get both boxes each month. Here’s what was in the customer favorites box…


POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Box Review – Fall 2015


In addition to their monthly subscription box, POPSUGAR Must Have releases one-off, limited edition boxes throughout the year. There’s usually one for each season, plus an extra, special collaboration box or two sprinkled in for good fun. This is the limited edition Fall 2015 box.


Quarterly Tim Ferriss #TIM09 Subscription Box Review


The Tim Ferriss Quarterly box (#TIM09) is here! Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4-hour series of books. He has written the 4-Hour Workweek, the 4-Hour Body and the 4-Hour Chef. He’s kind of a life hacker, guru who is all about taking the right short cuts to net the best results for efficient living and learning…and he seems like a pretty cool, humble guy at the same time. We’ve been fans for a couple years¬†ever since Alan read the 4-hour workweek.


Rachel Zoe Box of Style Subscription Box Review – Fall 2015


In terms of subscription box rankings, I would confidently say Box of Style¬†consistently has the highest subscriber approval rating of all the boxes out there. Rachel Zoe is relatively new to the subscription box game, with this being only her third box, but once again she curated a solid box with a great mix of products covering fashion, beauty, pampering, elegance and function. Here’s what was in the Fall Box of Style.


Arcade Block Subscription Box Review – August 2015


After hearing the spoilers for each of the Nerd Block options, Classic, Horror and Arcade, we went ahead and stuck with Arcade Block again for August. It’s always a tough choice, but also part of the fun! Here’s what we got in our August Arcade Block…


Birchbox Subscription Box Review – Candidly Nicole August 2015


My Candidly Nicole Birchbox made it to me (I’ve had it for a little while.) You can read about what happened with my August Birchboxes here, but the short version is that I had an issue with the Candidly Nicole box being sold out, Birchbox offered to send me one, but instead I got the regular box in error. They went ahead and sent me the Candidly Nicole box after all, so, I have two Birchbox accounts, and received three Birchboxes in August. Here’s what was in it…


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